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About Me

George Gemeinhardt, a retired manufacturing manager from Northfield, Illinois, is an exceptional person. He has made substantial contributions to manufacturing in the United States and established crucial connections with suppliers and commercial partners south of the border nations. George has repeatedly experienced the American dream through employment, education, religion, and community involvement. George Gemeinhardt carries his life’s worth of wisdom, experience, and insight everywhere he goes. Due to his success in the business sector, he has taken a sabbatical to spend time with his closest loved ones.

1954 was the year of George Gemeinhardt’s birth. He was reared in Chicago with the self-confidence to succeed regardless of his humble beginnings. His education in the area aroused his interest in Illinois and everything it offers. To prepare for college at Lane Tech preparatory college, which has been labelled a blue ribbon institution, he decided to enrol in the school’s initial college program at a young age.

During his time at Lane Tech, he benefited from the same curriculum that subsequently evolved into the LTC, Alpha, and Omega programs, all of which offer a wealth of information about the numerous enterprises of today. In addition, Lane Tech’s emphasis on extracurricular activities would acquire a lifetime interest in music, which he would pursue in music classes. Lane Tech also fields a team that competes at the highest levels of Illinois high school athletics for individuals interested in sports.

George Gemeinhardt would indeed become an outstanding and highly regarded professional in the manufacturing business. Still, he chose to remain in Chicago to pursue a musical education because of his passion for music and his unique experiences at Lane Tech. After graduating from Lane Tech in 1972, he attended Roosevelt University’s Chicago Musical College, where he was awarded the John Philip Sousa Band Prize for his leadership and musical performance in the school’s official band.

The Musical College at Roosevelt University is among the best in Illinois and Chicago. Music theory and other disciplines, such as the history of classical instruments, woodwind technique, and monthly voice lessons, were integral components of George Gemeinhardt’s undergraduate music education. They continue to be a primary emphasis of his studies. As part of the arts curriculum, music and acting classes were also available, but George Gemeinhardt honed his skills and focused on the flute and clarinet.

Due to his achievements, he was granted the Merit Award Scholarship for the remainder of his undergraduate education. In 1977, a few months later, he would obtain his graduation. Despite his burgeoning interest in music, there were few opportunities at the time for a young Chicagoan to enter the music industry. So when Gemeinhardt recognized that he could not make enough money to sustain himself, he felt that a more conventional career route would be his best option.

While searching for a new job, George was unimpressed by several advertisements he encountered. However, he was fortunate to secure employment at NN Inc., a firm that continues to be a significant success. NN Inc. is the most diversified producer in the world, as an essential industrial maker of the highest quality precision metal and plastic assemblies. George desires to spend the remainder of his career with this firm because they rewarded his dedication and elevated him to management swiftly. A vital aspect of the company’s value offering is providing high-quality, precisely-sized, and highly-effective products.

NN Inc., one of the first firms in its industry to go worldwide, employs more than 3,300 individuals on the American and European continents and in Europe and Asia.

Gemeinhardt has completed a basic level 3 program that combines years of industry expertise with the knowledge required to pass challenging examinations. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Six Sigma (LSS) are included in this 6-week intensive program. George, a significant figure in the NN acquisition of V-S industries, also constructed two off-site consignment warehouses for Fortune 500 clients with manufacturing plants in North Carolina and Mexico.

Over the last ten years, George Gemeinhardt’s generosity has benefitted Holy Comforter Church. He regularly attends church, where he hears other Christians teach God’s word. In addition, he invests a great deal of time and energy in his community service activities, such as his 15-year dedication to the Aroo Basset Rescue Fund. Since 2007, in his leisure time, Gemeinhardt has volunteered his time and resources to the Just Harvest Community Outreach Center to assist the most fortunate in Illinois.

George has been a fan of the musical arts for his whole life, and he continues to perform and study now. He regularly plays the clarinet, saxophones, and flute to help him relax and cope with his demanding schedule. In addition, the fact that he is a great cook and a foodie makes him an advantage to the Just Harvest initiative. George now likes riding his Harley-Davidson.